The AfPH “Pulmonary Hypertension Knowledge Sharing Platform” (PH-KSP) is an open, inclusive, collaborative space where members of the PH community can find and share information about pulmonary hypertension. The PH-KSP has its own dedicated website: check it out at this link

The AfPH pulmonary hypertension knowledge sharing webinar series will launch June 6, 2023. Our aim is for the webinars to be useful and actionable for people living with PH and their families. They will be live streamed through the PH-KSP website, LinkedIn Live and Facebook Live. Transcripts will be shared via social media and other channels in order to ensure the widest possible dissemination across the PH community. Translations will be available on request. Read more on the PH-KSP website at this link

Read more on the PH-KSP at this link